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The GCFL is pleased to announce the most exciting structured event to take place in Louisiana & Missippi softball in many years. Leaders from some of the top programs in the state got together to figure out a new way of presenting our sport. ts. 

The league will be based on a "points" process where teams will get points from league games as well as tournament finishes from GCFL Sanctioned events. Those points will rank teams. 

All teams that participate in the league are automatically qualified for the GCFL Championship that will be held this summer in the South La. area. Teams will be "seeded" into a College Softball postseason format that will have teams in a "Regional Bracket" (Mini Tournament) that will produce teams from there advancing to the "Super Regionals" 2 teams will then play against each other in a best 2 out of 3. The Winner's there will advance to an 8 Team "World Series" format to crown a Champion. 

Teams that do not advance to the Super Regionals from the "Regional" will all go into a new bracket called the "Q" Bracket. These teams will fight it out and the top 4 Teams from that bracket will qualify "Division 1" and along with the 16 Teams that advanced into the Super Regionals will make the "Cut" of being in the top 20 for the summer season and will ensure their team's placement in the in the top events this coming fall. 

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July 28 - Aug 1